Demonstrative Visuals: Graphics & Animations

The average person processes information far differently today than 15 years ago. Even Baby Boomers have embraced technology and are accustomed to receiving information in a multimedia format. In fact, numerous studies have reached the same conclusion – most people acquire 80% of new information visually. At DigitaLaw, we understand how visuals can increase comprehension and retention by decision makers (jurors, judges, arbitrators). The right visuals can make your case more compelling. Our graphics team works with you to prepare custom illustrations, forensic storyboards, timelines, diagrams, charts, graphs, PowerPoint slides, and pull-quotes for an effective presentation.

Video Animations

Animations can greatly improve comprehension of a complex process or event by depicting sequencing, timing, motion and actions. Our animation specialists have produced high quality forensic animations for trials and settlement purposes in numerous types of cases over the past two decades. Working with the attorneys and testifying experts, we can produce animations supported by facts and expert opinion.

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